All players have titles in their name in chat, usually in brackers with [Undead] or [Human] written in it. However, there are some titles that are more difficult to achieve, and can be unlocked by performing various tasks.

To see which titles are available to you, type /title list. To select a title, type /title set <title>.

Group Titles

  • Owner - Owner and founder of Restormel. Oversees all server operations.
  • Admin - Given many special commands and abilities. Trusted by the Owner.
  • Officer - One step over Moderators. Oversee all major building projects and enforce rules.
  • Moderator - Police the server and Guide players
  • Guide - Guide and help players.
  • Human - A race origining from the frozen expanses of Fae-run.
  • Undead - Humans corrupted by the taint left over from when the High-Lords perished. Currently at War with the Humans, but in a year-long peace time.

Gained Titles

  • Butcher - 5 kill streak
  • Murderer - 10 kill streak
  • Assassin - 25 kill streak
  • Slayer - 100 kill streak

Class Titles

(Coming soon)

mcMMO Titles

mcMMO titles are granted when you reach level 300 in that particular skill.

Skill Title
Acobatics Gymnast
Archery Marksman
Axes Viking
Mining Miner
Excavation Digger
Fishing Angler
Herbalism Farmer
Repair Blacksmith
Swords Fencer
Taming Trainer
Unarmed Monk
Woodcutting Lumberjack