A Staff Member Should:Edit

  • Be service orientated and friendly.
  • Try their best to keep the players happy.
  • Be patient when helping younger members of the community.
  • Discourage griefing.
  • Encourage roleplaying.
  • Help players with server features and mechanics.
  • Rollback griefs.
  • Settle disputes between players.
  • Be mature at all times.

A Staff Member should not:Edit

  • Spawn items for other players (In any circumstances)
  • Spawn items for themselves (Except working on server areas)
  • Teleport players to help them get around.
  • Threaten players.
  • Be unpleasent or rage.


Guideline #1

Avoid having items/abilities that can't be obtained as a regular player, unless the items/abilities are something you need to have to do your work.


Staff exist to serve the playerbase. We're supposed to help them and be seen as equals. We must therefor avoid being seen as being 'powerful' and 'cool'. Each time a player sees you with an item/ability they cannot have or use, you are likely going to be interpreted as a power abuser. If you're purelly interested in such items and abilities, you're likely just seeking power and fame.


  • Having items like lava blocks, water blocks, sponges.
  • Flying around players outside of server work.
  • Running around with special powers and effects like lightning strikes or potion invisiblity just to show off how cool you are.