Sentinals are the result of a thousand years corruption to the corpses of those fallen in the Amarth forest. These risen Undead are proficient with the use of a blade and heavy armor.

Skill Level MP Damage Cooldown Reagants Effect
Potion 1 Potion You can drink potions
Mark and Recall 1 5 3 mins

Redstone (10)

Mark a location to recall to.
Groundpound 1 15 120 (0.1 per level) 5 seconds Smash the ground, launching nearby enemies into the air.
Charge 10 20 50 8 seconds Launch into your enemy, dealing damage and slowing them
Bloodlust 20 10 50 100 seconds You sacrifice half of your health to receive extra armor and more damage
Sap Strike 30 20 80 3 seconds You impale your target with your blade, dealing damage and stealing health
Air Ripper 40 20 100 6 seconds Cut the air around you, dealing 100 damage
Cripple 50 20 Varies Deals damage to the target, plus extra damage if they move within three seconds afterwards
Creeping Pain 60 50 Varies 15 seconds Multiplies damage done to the target over a period