On this page we list various Staff positions available. All of these positons are vital to the everyday operation and ongoing quality of service on the server. All positions are important, and it would be fantastic if Staff members could cover them all. Condemned may even offer some training, if you ask nicely.


  • Art Director *Available*
  • Writer *Available*
  • Architect *Not Available*
  • Marketer *Available*
  • Information Scout *Available*

Position Information

Art Directors design our community Graphics.

  • Design website material (Banners, forum signatures, advertisement graphics)
  • Design video material (Website trailers, Let's plays, Livestreams)

Writers construct server lore.

  • Work with Architects, Art directors, and Eventmasters to ensure their works comply with server lore.
  • Ensure lore information in the server maintains the minimalistic style.
  • Document server mechanics in the wiki

Architects build locations for the server.

  • Construct dungeons
  • Construct additions to the Spawns
  • Construct new spawns (If applicable)
  • Anything else (Your only boundary is your imagination)

Marketers promote the server and make it visible to the gaming community.

  • Design marketing strategies.
  • Make advertisements.
  • Spread the general word of the server.

Information Scouts gather information about the outside Minecraft world.

  • What are the other servers doing?
  • What should we be doing?
  • Whats happening next in Minecraft?