The Paladin is a Warrior who devoted himself/herself to fighting off the hordes of Undead who plague Restormel. Apon becoming a Paladin the Hero will be given instruction on how to use the very best types of holy armor to fend the Undead, along with the training of gold weapons and bows.

Subclass of:Edit


Skill Level MP Damage Cooldown Regants Effects
Potion 1 Potion You can drink Potions

Mark and Recall

1 3 minutes



Mark a location to recall to.
Shield 1 15 Blocks damage when using a shield
Wrestle 5 15 5 10 seconds Stuns everyone around you
Pray 10 50 10 seconds Heal yourself
Layhands 20 50 20 seconds Fully heal yourself
Magic Armor 30



Reduces amount of damage taken from magic
Invulnerability 40 30 3 minutes Take no damage for 5 seconds