A Rogue does not choose to become a Ninja, the Ninja choose the Rogue. Only the Rogue's who have never been caught in the act of stealing an object or sneaking into a place will be contacted by the secret order. The Ninja is a whisper in the night, the wind in the trees, a shimer in the fire and the trickle of water. What the Ninja lacks in armor, they make up for witht the ability to use the strongest swords in Restormel and a set of amazing abilities.

Subclass of:Edit


Skill Level MP Damage Cooldown Reagents Effect
Potion 1 Potion Allows the use of potions
Mark and Recall 1 15 3 minutes Redstone (10) Mark a location to recall to
Sneak 1 15 4 seconds Allows you to sneak at full speed
Assassin's Blade 10 20 50 8 seconds Poison your sword to inflict damage over time
Jump 20 15 4 seconds Jump mutliple blocks in the air
Escape Artist 30 30 70 seconds Remove any effects affecting your movement
Lightning Blade 40 25 80 9 seconds

Diamond Sword

(does not use up)

Next couple hits hit enemy with lightning