What is Silver?Edit

Silver is the currency that Restormel uses in its economy to buy or sell products. Silver acts as the main currency, where copper is the subunit (1/100th of the value of 1 silver)


/money - Allows you to check how much Silver you have.

/money pay <player> <amount> - Sends another player the specified amount of money.

/f money balance - View your factions current account balance.

/f money deposit - Deposits the specified amount into the faction bank.

/f money withdraw - Withdraws the amount specified from the faction bank.

Gaining SilverEdit

You can gain silver by:

  • Buy a shop and sell your goods.
  • Sell your goods to another players shop.
  • Sell your goods to the spawn shops.
  • Sell your goods over Trade chat
  • Do PVP. Killing other players gains their goods and money.
  • Collect a bounty. Use /bounty list to see the current bounties on other players.
  • Hunting mobs can generate cash. Each mob has a chance of dropping around 4-8 copper.
    • Premium members gain doubledrops from mobs.