Act 1

In the beginning of all things- normal, apricious, and eloquent..

He, whom gave life purpose- created Restormel, with land.. With life, that blooms in every corner- with the belief that the world is indeed... Flat. After millennia, he created the High Lords, the first sentient beings of Restormel- created to rule over all other inhabitants- including humanity. But eventually, they grew tiresome, and the thirst for conquest grew amongst the High lords.. He watched, and as he did, he- himself witnessed his children fight against one another, in the struggle for dominance of Restormel.. War and disease scourged the face of the land. Eventually, he sought to end all violence, turning his head to humanity- with an assured face, and within an instance; a hero was born. One that would lead humanity into the light, and into the dawn.. His name was Tharicyus.

Born into farm land, Tharicyus' parents were simple farmers, whom had a small and peaceful village surrounded by mountains. All its residents knew each other well. However, it had a problem: the weather. When it wasn't snowing it was either raining or very foggy. Sunny days were unknown to its citizens... only occasionally did travellers rumour about a distant country filled with rivers, flowers and enough food to live happy forever. The village that he lived in- Kubaite, was a small village, farmers worked hard to grow their crops.. Feasts were occasionally prepared, as the seasons passed by. Winter approached, winter- in the northern land of Restormel was harsh and unforgiving... Tharicyus aged, and learned to live with the harsh environment.

He, began to tire of his surroundings, and began to thirst for something travellers rumoured, "Adventure". Stories were told amongst the children of Kubaite, some ventured out into the forests of Amarth, and met their final minutes.. The forests of Amarth, were tainted with corruption that the High Lords had spread.

The Hollowed Undead constantly roamed around these forests.. Searching mindlessly for the flesh to be eaten. Eventually- as time passed.. Tharicyus learned of the final outcomes that his peers had suffered, and in a single, decisive minute, he took up a broad sword, and leather shield.. Marching towards the forbidden Amarth forests... Hours later, he found himself puzzled, as he was clueless as to where he was. He began to gaze off, only to snap back into reality as he heard the terrifying moans, and groans of the Undead approach. He readied his shield and sword, preparing himself for what was to come. He then saw, six disfigured bodies that approached him, they- aswell had swords... Tharicyus' heart burned, he charged, yelling for sake of yelling... Clashing against the six Undead, he spun, slashed, and stabbed, where ever he possibly could... Minutes after, the battle was over... Tharicyus had suffered from minor gash wounds. He walked back to his home village, slowly- But with an assured look on his face, a look that wouldn't fade until his "turning".