LogIt is a complex and customizable plugin for authorizing players with their credentials, and preventing certain events if they're not logged in. It is mainly developed around offline servers but you can use it on an online server, as well. It's all about proper configuration.


Logit Permissions
Command (/logit *) Discription Permission Node Assigned to
<Default> Default. logit NewSoul
/logit help Displays help for LogIt NewSoul
/logit version Displays current version of LogIt logit.version VIP
/logit reload Reloads LogIt. logit.reload Officer
/logit purge Unregisters all players. logit.purge Owner
/logit backup force Force back up. logit.backup.force Admin
/logit backup restore [filename] Restors a backup. logit.backup.restore Admin
/logit backup remove <amount> Removes a certain amount of backups, starting with the oldest. logit.backup.remove Owner
/logit setwr Sets the waiting room to your current position. Can only be used in-game. logit.setwr Admin
/logit gotowr Teleports you to the waiting room. Can only be used in-game. logit.gotowr Moderator
/logit globalpass set <password> Changes the global password. logit.globalpass.set Owner
/logit globalpass remove Removes the global password. logit.globalpass.remove Owner
/login <password> Logs you in. logit.login.self Citizen
/login -x <player> Logs a player in. logit.login.other Moderator
/logout (do not include '/login' here) Logs you out. logit.logout.self Citizen
/logout -x <player> Logs a player out. logit.logout.other Moderator
/register <password> <confirmpassword> Registers you. logit.register.self NewSoul
/register -x <player> <password> Registers a player. logit.register.other Admin
/unregister <password> Unregisters you. logit.unregister.self Citizen
/unregister -x <player> Unregisters a player. logit.unregister.other Admin
/changepass <oldpassword> <newpassword> <confirmpassword> Changes your password. logit.changepass.self Races
/changepass -x <player> <newpassword> Changes a player's password. logit.changepass.other Moderator
<Passive> Bypass /login logit.force-login.exempt None
<Passive> No time limit before /login. logit.force-login.timeout.exempt VIP


# Whether LogIt should be stopped when online-mode is enabled
online-mode-enabled: true
# en, de, pl
locale: en
enabled: true
filename: LogIt-debug.log
# force login on all worlds or just specific ones.
global: true
in-worlds: []
# Already includes /login, /register and their aliases.
allowed-commands: []
# The number of seconds during which the player has to login
# until they will be kicked
# -1 means no timeout.
timeout: 15 # Events that should be cancelled when the player is logged out. # They are self explanatory, I hope. prevent:
move: true
toggle-sneak: true
block-place: true
block-break: true
damage-in: true
damage-out: true
regain-health: true
food-level-change: true
entity-target: true
chat: false
command-preprocess: true
pickup-item: true
drop-item: true
interact: true
interact-entity: true
inventory-click: true
air-depletion: true
hide-inventory: false
regex: '[A-Za-z0-9_]+'
min-length: 5
max-length: 15
prohibited-usernames: []
min-length: 3
max-length: 25
# Here, the hash of the global password is stored. Please note that it isn't salted.
# How many login fails lead to a kick/ban? -1 means 'never kick/ban'
login-fails-to-kick: 3
login-fails-to-ban: 6
# When true, it will cause unregistered players to fail to join
kick-unregistered: false
# How many slots to preserve
amount: 5
# Players for which the slots are preserved
- Condemned
- Smiggledoink
- song97
- Barrowstorm
- Debni
accounts-per-ip: 3
# Acceptable values: plain, md5, sha-1, sha-256, sha-384, sha-512, whirpool. All other values cause LogIt to fail to start.
hashing-algorithm: md5
# Measured in seconds. 0 means that a session will end as soon as the player quits.
session-lifetime: 0
# If true, the join message will also show the name of the world where the player spawned.
show-spawn-world-info: true.
enabled: false
world: world
x: 0.0
y: 0.0
z: 0.0
yaw: 0.0
pitch: 0.0
# Group switching requires vault.
enabled: false
logged-in: LoggedIn
logged-out: LoggedOut
integration: none
type: sqlite
filename: LogIt.db
host: jdbc:mysql:#localhost:3306/
user: root

table: logit
username: username
salt: salt
password: password
ip: ip
# A path with backups inside the LogIt data folder
path: backup
# Backup filename format.
# yyyy = 2013
# yy = 13
# MM = February
# m = 02
# dd = 17
# HH = 24-hour clock
# hh = 12 hour clock
# mm = minutes
# ss = seconds.
filename-format: yyyy-MM-dd_HH-mm-ss'.db'
# Whether scheduled backing up is enabled.
# "/logit backup force" will still work at any time.
enabled: false
# Interval between backups in minutes.
# 720 = twelve hours, 1440 = twenty four hours
interval: 1440