Most of Restormel's fighting and leveling is done through the hero plugin. It gives you the choice of how you fight inside the game.



  • /hero paths [page #] - Lists all paths available to you, primary and professions!
  • /hero specs [primary:profession] [page #] - Lists all specializations available to your path.
  • /hero choose (class) - Selects a path.
  • /hero profession (class) - Selects a path as your profession.
  • /hero level [toggle] - Displays hero level or switches which class your experience is synced to.
  • /skills - Displays a list of your class skills.
  • /bind (skill) - Binds a skill with the item in your hand.
  • /hero armor - Displays armor available for your class.
  • /hero tools - Displays tools available for your class and how much damage they do.
  • /mana - Displays your current mana.
  • /cd - Displays your cooldown times.
  • /hero verbose - Toggles display of mana and exp gains.
  • /hero stfu (skill) - Toggles the suppression of skill messages.
  • /hero who (class) - Checks for anyone with the given class.
  • /hp - Displays you current health.

Party Edit

  • /party accept (player) - Accept a party invite.
  • /party invite (player) - Invites a player to your party.
  • /party who - Lists your party members.
  • /party leave - Leaves your party.
  • /party mode (pvp:exp) - Toggles exp sharing or party pvp.
  • /party lead (player) - Checks or sets the leader of the party.
  • /party kick (player) - Kicks a player from your party.