Basic Commands:

/who – This command will show you all the online players

/afk – This command will make you afk. Use it again to return from afk.

/money – Check your balance.

/money top - Displays top 5 richest players.

/money pay <playername> <amount> - Pay a certain amount to someone.

/msg <playername> <message> – Use this command to send a private message to any player.

/r <message> - Use this command to quickly reply to your last private message.

/ma join - Join a MobArena game.

/ma leave - Leave the MobArena


/ch global - Join global chat. Usually for offtopic and general use.

/ch trade - Join trade chat. Use this channel to merchant off your goods, do not use any other channels for this.

/ch local - Talk in a 10 block radius around you.

/ch human - Talk to fellow Humans.

/ch undead - Talk to fellow Undead

Class Commands

/hero choose <path> - Allows you to pick a set Path. Available variables include: Warrior, Rogue, and Mage.

/hero choose <spec> - Allows you to select a Specialization based off of your path. Requires level 30.

/hero prof <spec> - Allows you to select a Specialization in Crafting skills. Requires level 30.

/hero skills - Lists all skills that your Class has.

/hero reset - Allows you to start over from scratch. USE WISELY.

/bind skillname - Binds a skill to block you are using. Right click when holding the block to use the skill.

/hero armor - Shows what kind of Armor you can wear.

/hero tools - Shows what tools you can use.

Using skills, and other Class functions.

/level or /hero level or /lvl - Displays your current Heroes information - classes, levels, XP, mana, etc.

/hero armor - Displays the armor types your current combination of path and profession is allowed to wear.

/hero tools - Displays the tools your current combination of path and profession is allowed to use.

/skills (page#) - Displays the skills you can acquire in your current combination of path and profession and the levels at which they become available.

/skill [skill name] - Activates the named skill. You can only use skills appropriate to your classes and levels. Some skills have warm-up and cool-down periods, and some cost you in terms of reagents (ie redstone etc) and mana.

/bind [skill name] (arguments) - Binds a skill to the block type you are holding - e.g. /bind fireball. Used on its own, /bind removes the bind from the item you're currently holding.

/hero verbose - Enables/disables system notifications showing XP/mana gain.

/level toggle or /lvl toggle - Toggles your Exp bar between your two classes.

/mana or /mp - Shows a graphical representation of your mana bar; used for casting spells.

/health or /hp - Shows a graphical representation of your health bar.

/cd - Lists the skills you have on cool down.

Party Commands

/party create - Creates a party.

/party invite [Player] - Invites a player to your party.

/party accept [Player] - Accepts invitation.

/party [Message] - Sends a message to your party.

/party who - Lists all users in your party.


Mob Arena

/ma join [mob arena name]

Joins you to a Mob Arena. Costs one diamond, unless you have completed the Warrior Guild questchain.

/ma spec [mob area name]

Joins you as a spectator at the specified Mob Area.

/ma leave

Takes you out of a Mob Arena.



Display your current coin balance.

/money rank [player name]

Pulls the named player’s wealth ranking. Requires full name; player doesn’t need to be online. Pulls own wealth ranking if entered with no name.

/money top (number of players)

Lists the top 5 (if no number specified) or specified number of richest players, up to 100.

/money pay [player name] [number of coins]

Sends specified number of coins to the named player.


Restormel allows players to place bounties on each other. If a bounty is accepted and the target player is killed, the hunter will gain whatever reward was placed.


Brings up the in-game help on bounties.

/bounty list (page#)

Lists current bounties on specified page number. Only shows bounty target players who are currently online.

/bounty new [bounty target name] [number of coins]

Places a bounty on the named player.

/bounty cancel [bounty target name]

Cancels a bounty you had placed on the named player.

/bounty accept [bounty target name]

Accepts a bounty contract on the player named in /bounty list and costs you the listed fee.

/bounty view

Lists the bounty contracts you have accepted.

/bounty abandon [bounty target name]

Abandons a bounty contract you had accepted on the named player.


/ticket list <OPEN/CLOSED> <page-number> 

Shows all tickets

/ticket [select/sel] [ticket-id] 

Shows the selected tickets information

/ticket info <page-number> 

Shows the selected tickets information

/ticket [create/new] [message]

Creates a ticket

/ticket [comment/cmt] [message] 

Comments on the selected ticket

/ticket close <message> 

Closes the selected ticket