There are two tiers in the Restormel class system. After reaching the end of the first tier after three stages, the player can invest in one of 3 different specialization classes, depending on the class you chose, and the Great House questchain you complete. There are 3 different class paths. The Fighter, the Thief, and the Mage Path.

Class Names (Tier 1)
The Fighter Path
  • Squire (Stage 1)
  • Warrior (Stage 2)
  • Knight (Stage 3)

The Thief Path

  • Rogue (Stage 1)
  • Shadow (Stage 2)
  • Knight (Stage 3)

The Mage Path

  • Mage (Stage 1)
  • Wizard (Stage 2)
  • Magister (Stage 3)

Class Names (Tier 2)
The Fighter Path
  • House Redorith: Dreadknight
  • House Valenwood: Paladin
  • House Riverhold: Samurai

The Thief Path

  • House Redorith: Duskblade

  • House Valenwood: Runeblade

  • House Riverhold: Ninja

The Mage Path

  • House Redorith: Battlemage

  • House Valenwood: Mystic

  • House Riverhold: Spellthief


Professions are a secondary set of skillsets to acquire and produce resources. You can pick both a Class and a Profession.

A player starts out in the Crafter profession. After 30 levels, the player can choose a specialization profession from one of 5.

  • Blacksmith
  • Farmer
  • Alchemist
  • Merchant
  • Engineer