The Path of the Berserker is chosen by Warriors who truely love combat and seeing the field of battle run red with the blood of their enemies. Where most Warriors choose to use swords to defeat their enemies, Berserkers choose to cut their enemies down with high leveled diamond axes as well as golden swords and their hunting bows. Berserkers are hearty in nature, therefor they go into combat wearing little or no armor.

Subclass of:Edit


Skill Level MP Damage Cooldown Reagents Effect
Potion 1 Potion You can drink potions
Mark and Recall 1 5 3 minutes

Redston (10)

Mark a location to recall to

Groundpound 1 15 120 (base damage) 5 seconds Damage enemies in and area around you
Jump 1 15 7 seconds Jump several blocks in the air
Lifesteal 10 30 15 Constant (passive) Steal health from enemies when you attack them
Death From Above 30 20

Constant (passive)

Deal your fall damage to enemies around you
Bloodlust 40 30 15 100 seconds Sacrfice half your health to increase damage and defense