What is this?Edit

bChatManager is an easy to use chat plugin for bukkit. Currently only supporting bPermissions, it has a number of features such as:

  • Chat Channels! (Completly optional)
  • Intuitive messaging format based off the twitter @messaging system!
  • Some chat shortcuts when channels are disabled!
  • Plus more!

bChatManager was originally forked off the PEX ChatManager, so users coming from pex may vaguely recognise the config file. (even though I completely reworked it)

Installation and UsageEdit


  • bPermissions
  • Craftbukkit
  • The ability to configure bPermissions


Once you've installed the plugin (which I'm not going to go into here, if you can't put a jar file in a folder then god help you), you may want to configure it. Here is the default config.

    display-name-format: '%player'
    message-format: '%prefix %player: &f%message'
    local-message-format: '[LOCAL] %prefix %player: &f%message'
    personal-message-format: '[MSG] [%player -> %reciever] &f%message'
    alert-format: '&c[ALERT] &f%message'
    me-format: '* %player %message'
    op-message-format: '&c[OPS ONLY] %player: &f%message'
    control-me: true
    ranged-mode: false
    chat-channels: true
    filter-ips: true
    chat-range: 100.0
    default-channel: "global"
    channel-limit: 0
    channel-chat-format: '&2[%channel] %prefix %player: &f%message'


  • display-name-format: format of a players display name
  • message format: Format of a chat message when chat channels are disabled
  • local-message-format: Format of a local chat message.
  • personal-message-format: Format of the @messaging messages
  • alert-format: Format. For alerts.
  • me-format: Format for /me
  • op-message-format: Op only message format


  • control-me: Toggle whether bChatManager should handle /me
  • ranged-mode: I donno why I named it this. Toggles local messages. Doesn't work with chat channels.
  • chat-channels: Enables/disables chat channels
  • filter-ips: Filters IP's from chat


  • chat-range: If ranged mode is true, this sets the chat range of the chat.


  • default-channel: Name of the default channel
  • channel-limit: Unused
  • channel-chat-format: Format for chat channel messages.

Special Chat FunctionsEdit

  • !message - Sends a message globally. Only useful in ranged mode.
  1. message - Sends an alert message which i useful for sending alerts.
  • @playername message - Sends a private message to another player on the server. Can autocomplete the name, so if you have someonee called "OmG_CoMpleX1234" you could just do @omg message to message them. You can also message ops with @ops message.

Formatting PlaceholdersEdit

Permissions nodesEdit

  • - allows you to use global chat in ranged mode
  • - allows you to make ALERT messages
  • - allows you to color chat
  • - allows you to message someone
  • bchatmanager.spy - 1.3.2 feature, allows you to hear all PM's and local messages


  • /join <channel> - Joins a channel! Requires the perissions bchatmanager.join
  • /leave <channel> - leaves a channel! Requires the perissions bchatmanager.leave
  • /focus <channel> - Focuses a channel! Requires the perissions bchatmanager.focus
  • /bchatreload (must have the permissions bchatmanager.reload or be op) - Reloads bChatManager

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